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Premium Quality Tungsten Rings for Men

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Why Tungsten Rings are a Great Choice for Guys?

Men’s tungsten rings have become more and more popular at present because many have already learned about the benefits of the material used in these jewelries. Tungsten is actually an extremely dense and hard metal. It is known for holding the hottest metal point out of all types of metals. The strength of tungsten is one of the major reasons why it’s greatly used in various industrial applications. It’s harder than titanium steel rings while also having an effective scratch-resistant feature.

In terms of appearance, it resembles steel. It’s also possible to combine it with other materials, like carbon fiber, as well as precious metals like gold. Such combinations are beneficial in creating a more unique look. The good thing about tungsten is that it is flexible. In fact, it’s a great option for various forms of jewelry including engagement rings and wedding bands.

It has exemplary strength, which makes it quite different from gold and silver that usually have relative softness. It’s less likely to cause allergies usually associated with conventional metals. Being hypoallergenic, it’s the best choice for you if you have allergies or sensitive skin. Some of the other benefits and qualities of tungsten rings that make them great choices for guys are the following:

  1. Does not bend – Tungsten carbide metal is strong enough that you can expect it to prevent bending overtime. In other words, they are capable of retaining their solid shape for a lifetime. The fact that they don’t scratch that easily is also a bonus as it also adds up to its life. This ensures that the ring will be able to retain its polished look for a long time.


  1. Hypoallergenic – Tungsten, as mentioned earlier, is hypoallergenic, so if you have sensitive skin, then there’s no need to worry as the material won’t cause allergies in any way. This makes it one of the best options for men who would like to invest in a ring without the need to worry about possible negative reactions.


  1. Less vulnerable to damage – Tungsten is hard and strong, which makes it less prone to incurring damages over time. In fact, you can expect it to look new even after several years.


  1. Does not require regular polishing – It’s possible for the original polish used in a tungsten ring to last a lifetime. That said, you don’t have to polish it regularly, which might cause you to spend unnecessarily for its maintenance.


Tungsten is indeed one of the best materials for men’s rings. It is sturdy, hard and tough, giving it a more masculine vibe. Just make sure to pick the accurate ring size prior to purchasing.

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Why Buy From Prime Jewelry?

Are you planning to buy a tungsten ring? Then Prime Jewelry is your answer – we are a premium provider of men’s jewellery and accessories in Australia. Fortunately, men’s tungsten rings have several benefits, so it is no longer surprising why more and more men are interested to buy it. The following are just some benefits that you can get from mens rings made of tungsten:

  1. Scratch-resistant and durable – The scratch-resistance feature and durability of tungsten are among the major reasons why many prefer to buy it over other materials. That said, you can expect this ring to serve you for a long time. The fact that it can resist scratches helps ensure that you can retain its good condition for the long term.


  1. Several choices for finishes and engravings – Another good thing about our rings for men is that you can engrave whatever you like in it with the help of a laser engraving tool. It’s even possible for these rings to be integrated with various finishes, including the dark gray brush finish, and the highly polished mirror.


  1. Reasonably priced – Another benefit of buying tungsten rings from Prime Jewelry is that we ensure our prices are competitive and our quality is high.


  1. Can resist tarnish and corrosion – This is a good thing if you want the ring to last long. The fact that it does not require a rhodium plate is also a big advantage.


  1. Capable of holding a shine – This benefit is one of the greatest appeals of tungsten rings. It can hold a shine for a long time, so rest assured that the finish won’t fade or dull too fast. You can even expect it to retain its finish for a lifetime.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, tungsten is also one of those materials used for rings that exude class while communicating luxury and strength at the same time. Men’s tungsten jewellery, especially those you can find at Prime Jewelry, are also denser when compared to titanium and steel. This gives the material a more satisfying strength and weight.

Their extreme hardness and toughness also makes it virtually impossible for it to obtain scuff marks or scratches. In other words, they are long-lasting, finely crafted and capable of holding their exact shape and design for a lifetime.




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