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Platinum Premium Range

platinum rings

Prime Jewelry offer an exquisite platinum range, comprising hand crafted rings made from top quality premium platinum steel. This collection features a range of unique styles including natural and artificial stones and crystals and are available in a selection of colours such as red, blue, black and silver. The platinum range is popular among men and woman who are seeking intricate and artistically designed rings, coupled with high quality, durable platinum metal which won’t fade or scratch. The platinum collection is perfect for those who want a bold piece to make a style statement or give a unique, hand crafted gift to someone special.


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Customer reviews

I’m using it as a wedding band and it’s so much cheaper! After losing a wedding band that cost me way too much money I ordered this ring and yeah, I like it way better.


It looks even better in person! The fit is perfect, your chart was very helpful as this is the first time I’m ordering a ring online so I was afraid it won’t fit.


I bought this for my boyfriend’s birthday and here I am ordering a second one for my brother. They look very modern and chic without having a big price tag.


I wish I could rate this higher, the craftsmanship and attention to details is amazing, this is one of a kind ring!



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